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ev conversion forum Which will be time consuming and expensive, probably more expensive than just buying a used electric car. 2003 TF 115 EV Conversion Build Log. 0 VS ~1. The ACE Wizard. Component Overview CAN Control Hardware Re: Swift Dzire EV - Systematic conversion to an electric car! If it is so easy to extend highway range from 150-160 km to 250-270km, is it not a relatively cheap thing for Tata Motors to do? Keep the same battery pack, just add a 2nd gear with a simple electric valve/relay to change the gear position. Not as "over boosted" as our cars are sometimes called. Elon did that at first by taking a Lotus chassis and trying to make it work as an EV. I have three of the motors that you used to build yours in my yard barn. The 4-days conference program of the forums, which… General discussion about electric bikes. Why, you may ask? Well, our school is in collaboration with 5 others whom are doing a complete electrical conversion for a prototype Pontiac Solstice. I haven't spec'd out a specific controller or throttle potentiometer that are used on most EV's but this is the route I am going. The two speeds are slow and not quite as slow. Mine is from NewPort Engineering. or Create an accountCreate an account Electric vehicle conversion firm Lunaz has turned its attention to the classic Range Rover, which receives its proprietary battery powerplant as part of the firm’s first 4x4 restomod offering. This 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle is a custom EV conversion affectionately for sale The car was converted to electric power 2008, with a beautiful 1974 Volkswagen Beetle EV conversion - Forum - The Truth About Cars Hyundai Kona Forum - the best place to talk about the new Hyundai Kona, the new city SUV and its upcoming Kia twin! Conversion is a tricky thing to do right. Electric Bike Conversion Kits In 2021 Whether you EV Society was founded in 1994, when all electric cars were hand-crafted one-off conversions. Airplanes. For those who think the conversion is too expensive, look at the facts. This electric bicycle conversion kit is designed for the rear wheel and includes a powerful 3,000-watt DC motor with an MTX Sun Ringle rim. 5 out of 5 stars 2 $189. I would guess the EV conversion of a bug would be nearly identical to the conversion of a type 3. My 2016 Charger R/T, has electric PS. Messages 40 Reaction score 28 Points 87 Boat Make Yamaha Year 2018 Boat Model 242X E-Series Boat Length 24 My heating is electric baseboard, ugly & inefficient. and I'd rather see EV conversions on the roads over garage queens that do 100 miles a year to a show and back. RealFlight 6. 0 out of 5 stars 128 That’s the story of the rise and fall of the original Kiwi EV electric car conversion. Nov 8, 2012 - Transform your vehicle today with a DIY Electric Car Conversion Kit. I fully admit that most, if not all EV conversions in the past have been shit, but I feel the tide is turning! Electric Hot Water Heater 110-120V Compact Mini-Tank Storage,Rv Small Output 2. With a bit of time and elbow grease you can build a faster, stronger and often less expensive electric bike this is your space to share, compare and discuss. In this context, the term “best estimate” refers to anticipated experience without provisions for adverse deviation. On board components include, Manzanita 30 Amp Charger, Hairball Interface, Warp Nine DC motor. EV INFO (INTERNET)-Primary Supplier Lots Of Good EV INFO Buggies Gone Wild (Internet) Cartaholics. Buy. I haven't cleaned her up yet but all the parts move freely. Click on this. Topics Replies 2014 Ranger EV, Voltronixs USA 260AH Voltronixusa Li-ion Conversion kit Polaris Lock n Ride Roof w dome light, Mictunning 21. Full, Partial, or even ASSISTED Conversions. When you remove ICE and assorted gizmos and add batteries, electronics and motors you might also need to change cooling, A/C, suspension, drive shafts, gearbox, power steering, all cabin electronics and so on. My friend recently went to Germany and she said she had a converter and she burned up her hair appliances I started this build after having had my KTM 250F Electric conversion for quite a few years. I carry 60-80 lb groceries+ag supplies on the outbound leg, so definitely not the weight. He has a 48v to 12v charger so has he sails the spinning prop charges 48v bank and then whats left over gets put into the 12v house bank. I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience in doing Welcome to Oz-DIY Electric Vehicles. 5. Aparently the MGOC run an article on the conversion but I'm not a member so can't Hi everybody I'm doing a research about the different regulamentations in europe regarding the conversion of combustion car into electric one, in this case, i would love to know what does a private persone should do to convert his car and have it approved and homologated to go on the public road in Germany(which test and laws does it have to pass). Hoping to eventually try that electric conversion, and a custom street cub build. Hi, Jose! With electric motors, horsepower varies with the voltage and amps you give it. But once or twice per year, we try to share a bit of the “why” behind our sometimes perplexing wanderings from one apparently random project to another. Michael Leaf from 31 March 2011 - Traded 18 April 2019 for Tesla Model 3 Unicorn Power Electronics Forum view all presentations on demand now Register Now! Power Electronics Forum This year, electronica was held purely virtually from November 9 to 12. C A forum community dedicated to Ford Transit owners and enthusiasts. To be honest, as it is a DIY electric motorcycle is terribly impractical. Oz-DIY is a “do it yourself” electric vehicle specialist, supplying you the parts to make your own electric vehicle. Home Forums > Analog Workflow Forums (100% Analog/Traditional) > Analog Equipment > Camera Building, Repairs & Modification > Looking for a conversion chart (of EV, Lux, shutter speed, ISO, aperture) A forum community dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts. And nothing says “I’m an adult” quite like a moped. Menu. Forums Tesla Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Roadster 2022 Cybertruck SpaceX. Posts: 5,615. Electric MR2s Hybids, Parallel / Series, Solar. I am finishing up a project converting a David Bradley Super Power to electric it’s 36v 800w running off 3 gel cell deep cycle batteries. Also any accurate conversion tables would be extremely handy and appreciated. Come join the discussion about hybrid performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! Voltronix Li-Ion Conversion I have placed an order for the conversion of my 2014 Polaris Ranger EV from PbA to Li-Ion. 6e-19 C = 1 Volt, right? or am I missing something? edit: or was issue not with the conversion, but with the units in my question? 1 Volt = 1. 81 Rabbit Diesel 4Spd is the lucky donor. Start now! Transform it with an electric conversion. Project Overview Donor Vehicle Overview RX8 Build Blog EV Components . VW Scirocco Conversion Scirocco VW Electric Conversion, invested 4 years to build. We import, manufacture and supply all our own products to create great little electric cars that the average handy man can build himself. HDT Conversions - Discussion on Heavy Duty Truck Toters HDT Conversions - iRV2 Forums Free 7 Day Trial RV GPS App RV Trip Planner Campground Reviews RV Maintenance Free 7 Day Trial × 2003 TF 115 EV Conversion Build Log 9 months 5 days ago #193616. And the reason most people have the conversions done is that they've broken the manual awning one way or another (usually wind or hitting a tree) and it doesn't cost that much more to do the conversion to power. S. Re: X19 EV conversion With the advancements we're having in battery and electric motor tech, I see this being a viable option in the near future for reasonable cost And in such a small light car it could be a great platform, just like Tesla's first electric roadster made from the shell of a Lotus Elise! They are also planning to convert owners car to electric from their petrol versions. Heck, even the $16,000 name brand EV motorcycles can’t compete with a conventional gas powered motorcycle or moped. This demonstration project is intended to produce an electric powered utility vehicle that will be attractive to orchards, vineyards and other businesses Conversion is a tricky thing to do right. Topic RSS. You can buy "electric car conversion kits" that are made up of nothing more than the electric motor and the controller, and they would seem cheap compared to conversion kits that include all the other stuff that makes an electric car run, like Not weight. By converting with a DIY Electric Car Conversion Kit, your gas bill is essentially dissolved, your vehicle engine will have a General F150 Discussion - Ford 150 Electric Conversion Kit - We're developing a kit to convert the Ford 150 truck to electric. To learn more about the Spark EV, or to discuss specifications, or purchasing details, become part of the community on the Chevy Spark EV Forum. We live rurally but our work commutes are relatively short and well within the range of an EV, about 30 miles per day. One of the hottest items for energy efficient zealots and environmental conscious cohorts, DIY Electric Car Conversion Kits are the king of inventions. 3 LM7, 4L60E, LS6 intake, true duals 12 volt dynamo conversion #842808 03/14/21 1:28 pm. So with your big daddy truck, you'd better be thinking large voltage, maybe twice as much as the usual 144v system you see with a lighter conversion - and a whole lotta batteries. ) but transportation is challenge; we rely completely on petroleum fuel I'm a member of a University design team working on converting the steering system in a Pontiac Solstice to run off an electric motor rather than a belt drive. Apple Stuff and Electric Conversion. and whatever you do you always end up changing weight balance of the car. My MTB weighed 72 lb with baskets, without the tools & water. Nitroplanes 100cc SU-26 Sukhoi 101" Electric Conversion power setup 8-10 lbs warbird now possibly sport later on Wood prop vs. Aircraft. Hello All, Will be posting here my progress on an EV conversion. As the technical specifications make clear, we are really The future of sustainable transportation is happening today! This is the Reddit community for EV owners and enthusiasts. Join the electrifying discussion today! EV Owners Forum This forum allows EV owners to congregate and discuss important issues like charging to buying and selling new and used cars. For more EV conversion information to help you with your project, you may want to visit CanEV's Electric Car Conversion parts page here, or read CanEV's extensive conversion FAQ pages from their 20 years of conversion experience. Re: Jimbo's Electric Conversion. You invest in many electrical components to convert the engine, but on the other hand, you save a lot on fuel in the long term. 6 seconds, fast and efficient. 3 4,000 charging cycles VS ~600 An EV conversion kit, you may have already discovered, means different things to different people. But, I really want a machine with a larger throat for quilting. Lots of Electric bikes are great, and with all the noise currently being made about e-bikes, you might be considering buying one. , w/Regen! What should you monitor with an EV conversion?Please address all questions or comments to: info@EV4Unow. We are focused on the cutting edge of lithium ion battery technology and supporting components for EV's, solar energy storage, and industrial applications. Although this is a quite expensive choice it is by far on of the best Mid-drive conversion kits. Everything you ever wanted to know. As the trend grew, so did the options. The controller is a solid-state electronic box that controls the power (speed) between the batteries and the motor. Topics: 791 Posts: 7,750 Last Post Always check the various forums and blogs devoted to EVs and EV conversions for real-world testimonials from people who have purchased from these companies before pulling the trigger. Join the electrifying discussion today! Join the electrifying discussion today! conversion to electric DIYev. Actually the Case is the easiest tractor to convert to electric because the rear end is hydraulic driven by a pump attached to a gas engine. Or an electric Porsche, etc, etc. Now, on to the question; The guys over at EV West are working on converting a 2002 to electric. Sell. my wife wants an electric car About Us Formed in 2006, Tesla Motors Club (TMC) was the first independent online Tesla community. Batteries and electric motor will weigh substantially less than the original engine, clutch, flywheel plus a full tank of gas with acceleration exceeding that of the original engine. Joined: Oct 2012. An EV conversion is a big investment, but it is certainly worth considering. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range and charging! Archive / Forum Interface: Electric Vehicle Discussion List: home | help | archive | news | privacy policy | terms of service | help | archive | news | privacy policy OK Moi have fun and you might also want to make that center support rod that pilots into the tapped hole on the power head so when you go to press off the flywheel you don"t mess up the threads on the power head one more thing I read in the repair manual is that when you pull off the pull start be careful that the recoil spring stays inside the housing from what I am looking at it looks like Forum: Replies: Last Post: ModelTech Magic 3d Electric Conversion: rvillegachapa: 3D Flying: 32: Mar 19, 2018 11:56 PM: What's a Good Setup for Raptor . 5 - near Kingston, Ontario 144V Complete Electric Car Conversion Kit, EV Conversion, Boat Conv. 5KW Kitchen Instant Under Sink Point-of-Use, RV 1 PCs 16” Long 1/2”FIP Stainless Steel Water Hoses 4. I wanted more HP, 50hp seemed like the number. com drivetrains and battery packs to be maintained, and repaired anywhere in the All-Electric Vehicle Conversions: A vehicle with an internal combustion engine can be converted to an EV by completely removing the engine and adding a battery pack, one or more electric motors The EV (Electric Vehicle) Discussion Mailing List is intended to provide a forum 1 to discuss the current state of the art and future direction of electric vehicles. Endless-sphere forum. Might be the next "craze" of electrical for van conversions EV Charger Power Converter – EVSE Adapters Basically it converts, via a step-down transformer, an EV charger station output to 110v and gives you 4 outlets. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. 1. E. News. 5-3. Just take out all the complicated IC stuff and put in an electric motor, now that would be a special car. StreetFigherLA, EV West, and famed RWB tuner Akira EV-Blue/Electric Blue – Based in Kansas, this company will convert any gasoline burner to electric—you supply the vehicle, they do the conversion. Electricbike-Blog. The biggest EV forum on the planet. I don't use the temperature sensors on my 2 bikes (one with Calb LiFePo4, one with Leaf module), these circuits are indeed not reliable. If you go to the forums page, select "Progress Threads" In the top right is a box called "Post New Thread". Problem is that without these circuits, charger won't charge. Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance Speak EV - Electric Car Forums Since 2011 A community for enthusiasts of all makes and models of EV from BMW to Tesla, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more. With an e rustler chassis, the entire nitro front end can carry over, the rear arms work, but you would need an electric trans and rear shock tower. for conversion from Lead Acid battery chemistry to Lithium-Ion. Does anyone have experience with I will be launching my electric conversion Mariner28 in a few weeks, and would like to hear the opinions of fellow electric sailors with reference to the issue of when is it necessary to upgrade from a 2-blade prop to 3-blade prop? I would like to install my 3-blade prop prior to launch. Log me in automatically on each visit. My EV conversion after 10 years and 90k miles - YouTube https://youtu. Events. com is an online ebike forum where electric bicycle owners can ask questions and get help with their ebikes. When you remove ICE and assorted gizmos and add batteries, electronics and motors you might also need to change cooling, A/C, suspension, drive shafts, gearbox, power steering, all cabin electronics and so on. Re: Swift Dzire EV - Systematic conversion to an electric car! This is an interesting thread and kudos to your efforts. Since qU = W, where q is the charge, U is the potential difference and W is the potential energy it acquires in respect to the initial point, an electronvolt is (charge of an electron) x (1 volt) = (answer in Joules) (since 1J = 1Cx1V). For things that don't fit in any other forum. expand full story EV conversion Stories August 6, 2020 Speak EV - Electric Car Forums Since 2011 A community for enthusiasts of all makes and models of EV from BMW to Tesla, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more. This section is to discuss everything to do with Electric Conversions EV Conversions. 6e-19 eV if that be the case, my apologies, I was being hasty with my concern more for the conversion factor than the proper units. The eV is defined to be the energy gained by an object with a charge equal to one fundamental charge (which happens to be the charge on an electron or proton) falling through a potential difference of one volt. 46 Electric Conversion Review ala E-Flite Power 60 Brushless: gwh: Glow to Electric Conversions: 13: Feb 12, 2013 07:43 AM: Article: Horizon's Seagull Brand Decathlon ARF Review: Tram: Fuel Plane Talk: 6: Sep 06, 2008 07:32 PM: Article: Horizon's ParkZone Slo-V RTF Review: Fred Forum. The car is already fantastic, amazing handling, suspension, etc. The motor is a 60V, 3,000W unit. ⠀ Vintage Air Helps Electric GT Cool This Toyota FJ40 EV Conversion ⠀ This Maruti 800 Is The Cheapest EV Conversion We've Ever Seen ⠀ Tesla-Swapped VW Crew Cab Is A Retro Cybertruck Tire This electric bicycle conversion kit is designed for the rear wheel and includes a powerful 3,000-watt DC motor with an MTX Sun Ringle rim. 6e-19 C*eV rather than what I wrote: 1. To date we have the drive train that includes two AC50 motors surrounding the E2 automatic two speed transmission plus two custom programmed Curtis Controllers. It seams fine to me. Forums. . I'm going to do an early coupe (actually a '61) as I have an extra. Regulars. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! new to making an electric bike conversion,id a bafang bottom braket unit,going on a felt crusie that was an army bike,i dont know jack about current electronocs,is this a good dependable unit and whee would you take if it nreeded repair?thanks foe any info Home Forums > Popular Forums > Hyundai/Kia > Hyundai Kona Electric > 2021 Kona EV (Preferred) conversion to LED (exterior and interior) Discussion in ' Hyundai Kona Electric ' started by navguy12 , Aug 25, 2020 . It is mostly US-based, but welcomes participants from around the world, and most of the information there is useful wherever you are located. From motors and controllers, to chargers, cables and complete electric car driveline conversions. 7x10^-9 I cannot proceed further due to my doubt regarding eV conversion but I know what to do after I get the K. I would imagine that you might actually see a performance increase with an electric motor much better low end torque and it might fare better at high speeds too (since the motor I recently came across an article on an MGF EV (Electric Vehicle) conversion and I'm intrigued. The Bafang 8FUN is our top pic for the best electric bike conversion kit. 30 v2 (Electric Conversion) Lv2Fly: Electric Heli Talk: 50: Oct 27, 2017 12:22 PM: ModelTech Magic Extra 300L conversion: Mark Wood: Sport Planes: 2: Jun 17, 2003 09:19 PM: NIB ModelTech Magic Nice. 25 / day. Kreisel Evex 910e. Then just give your post a title, and write away. EV conversions usually only use 1 gear, so it doesn't matter what transmission you pick. com’s “How to Build Your own Electric Vehicle in 5 Easy Steps” or Mechanic Doctor’s “How to Convert Your Car to an Electric Vehicle” for step-by-step instructions. Would like to hear your experience and words of wisdom on the subject, mainly drive configuration, battery technology, and accessory drive. DIYers should check out EVRater. High enough to pull way more air through the radiator than some electric fan. I have been a Corvair owner for the last 30 years. That neighbor friend that did the electric conversion on his C-30 Kept his house bank the same and seperate from the 4 new optima yellow tops installed for the new 48v electric motor setup. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. 35 eV as the K. Additionally I did this while the seat is out. David Bradley electric conversion - posted in Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum: Thought some of you might be interested in this. A British firm had recently announced a conversion kit that can turn any (petrol) combustion vehicle into an electric one. In 2011 we moved to Slovakia to live (my ex-wife’s country) where I lived for seven and a half years (and owned another electric car, making heaps of new adventures ) until I caught her sleeping with another man. An electric vehicle can travel up to 150 km (90 mi). Driven and tested, 0-60 MPH 5. EV Conversions. Lol A 50 HP electric motor would give you way more than enough power ( more than likely 70-75 MPH and give a range of say 120 miles) The plate that would mount to your existing transmission could be cut out of 1/4" steel that would be way stronger than you would need, I have a plasma cutter to get the 'professional look'. 602 x 10-19 J A forum community dedicated to all Smart Car owners and enthusiasts. Agreed no idea about them. 626 x 10^-34 x 3 x 10^8/256. Come join the Electric bike buyers guide, with unbiased and honest reports and detailed analyses of all the latest and fastest ebikes, conversion kits and hub motors. Hiring a Pro EV West has a quality selection of electric car parts, components, conversion kits, and charging station solutions for your Electric Vehicle or EV Conversion. Airplane Variants J. More information here . Porsche 996 (911) EV Kit (2) Porsche 912 EV Kit (2) Porsche 914 EV Kit (2) Renault 4 EV Kit (2) Jaguar E-type EV Kit (1) Peugeot 404 EV Kit (2) VW Karmann Ghia EV Kit (2) Coleman was already working with EV West, a leading EV-conversion company, when a neighbor expressed interest in selling the 1977 911 Coupe. Topic Author; MGF & MG TF Community Forums. Now yes, most electric fans can probably pull more air through at idle, but if you compared it to the fan clutch fully engaged I doubt you'd see much of a difference when performing that same test. Post thread 52v (40) 18650 (7) bafang (68) battery (58) battery pack (35) bbs02 (36) bbshd (95) bikes (12) commuter (29) controller (28) conversion (36) custom build (40) diy (19) ebike (49) electric bike (40) fat bike (26) full suspension (17) hub motor (7) luna (31) mountain bike (21) programming (7) sur ron (7) throttle (20) thunderheart reviews (7 This is an unofficial photo album for members of the EV Discussion List, an email based forum on electric vehicles. himesrun Novice Posts: 15 Joined: Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:56 pm. The EV Conversion Guide. Top. Forum: Replies: Last Post: Article: Seagull Models' Harrier . Events. A forum community dedicated to Chevy Volt electric car owners and enthusiasts. 049 electric conversion So, I have found some plans for the first RC plane I ever built (it never flew because i had no idea what I was doing when I built it, some 25 years ago). be This video is an overview of the electric vehicle conversion I did on my 2001 VW Passat. EVTV videos are consistently about “how”. Collectors still value originality above all else. I picked this one up as a parts machine and it had no motor to start. In the Charger you can tweak the "feel" of the power steering, via sport mode, and in the set up screen, helps get the feel the driver is looking for. Not sure if this is the right section, but would like to start a discussion about getting rid of the ICE and going full electric. Sell. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, economy, maintenance, and more! Full Forum Listing 1 eV is an amount of energy required to move an electron over 1 volt potential difference. My contribution to EV in The Netherlands - Novox C20 - Vectrix VX-1 Li+ my2009 #2791 - Vectrix VX-1 Li my2011 #3228 - CityEl Fact4 / Mini El Cabrio - Th!nk PIV4 A266 - Th!nk City A306 - Tesla Model3 AWD Cox . This site will be used as the main repository for documentation, lessons learned, and guides as I progress. I have a little Honda with a blown motor and want to try my hand at converting it, possibly to see if I could turn it into a small business to cash in on the greenies. Regulars. This is a classic sports car professionally designed and built by 2 members of SEVA, Boeing Electronics Techs. 00: Price: $7,598. Got some of the bike wiring done, and mounted some of the electric conversion components. It gets the company of a 60V, 4,000W, universal controller, and also 60V, 40Ah lithium-ion battery. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. 46 - . Home My RX8 Conversion. The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology. I would like to convert a small sports car - like an MX5 - to electric drive. An average driver drives 35 km (25 mi) to and from work and 50 km on weekends. The oddities and ironies encountered in the march of technology forward are legion. 0 Gallon, 1. E value in eV. The electric conversion is also fully reversible, to help protect the cars’ value. My website's conversion question and answer section, especially for beginners (or non-engineers);; The DIY electric car forums;; The EV Discussion List; and; The EV Photo Album, where people post pictures of their conversions and links to their blogs. final drive ratio is 6. VW Scirocco Conversion Scirocco VW Electric Conversion, invested 4 years to build. Unless you are going to drive where you are likely to get caught in the rain for any extended period of time I would not recommend the electric conversion. Today it remains the largest and most dynamic community of Tesla enthusiasts. The cost of doing an electric car conversion (DC system) on your own, according to our three experts, is between $8,000 and $11,000—not including the donor car. A great source of technical information for kit builders, often relating Find the latest General Electric Company (GE) stock discussion in Yahoo Finance's forum. The huge user base ranging from highly experienced engineers to casual DIYers means you'll likely find the answer to your question. 1972 350SL 4. A search brought up the owners thread on here last year but he only posted 4 times and no pics or details etc. Before you buy a Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt, you might look into an EV conversion kit from a reputable maker like EV West or Electric GT to convert a gas engine car to an electric one. Forum: Traxxas Electric. B-25 Electric Conversion_AV B-25 Electric Conversion_AV B25 Electric you mean an electric motor? this is probably not the best forum. The EV Conversion Guide A running and ever evolving EV Conversion Guide Join along as I convert my Mazda RX-8 to a full electric sport-car. Driven and tested, 0-60 MPH 5. max gradeability is 30%. 6 seconds, fast and efficient. Menu. Come join the discussion about hybrid performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! based on that, 1 ev / 1. Founded by a group of brothers, Re: EV Conversion of my Maruti 800 Very well done, trust you would have taken care of the 3 holes you drilled on the spare wheel tray from chaffing the 3 cables. The joule has its own independent definition. 61 Conversion; Adjusting CG in electric conversions? 40 size The World Models P-51 conversion; how to? Pica FW-190 - electric; Guillows zero conversion. Are You Having Trouble Getting Around? Super Light, Quick/Easy Folding, Portable, Comfortable, Customizable, 50% Battery Saving User Customizable Width/Length/Height, 1-SECOND Folding/Unfolding, Inclinable Back Rest The Electric Vehicle Discussion List <www. Ev album is a good resource to see whats been done, and there are yahoo and google groups for many of these conversions. evdl. My controller is a Curtis 400 amp peak PWM controller designed for use with series-wound motors. Meanwhile, California-based EV4U runs “3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops” near Sacramento for $495. 2 Calculate Costs. Cheap electric car conversion: the secrets of keeping it under $1000. Big issues would be heat in Alaska and adapting the motor to the transmission. Electric motors are more powerful than gas or diesel engines, it's the batteries that are the weak point of EV's (low energy compared to gasoline or diesel fuels). Currently have on the original 2-blade prop. these leaf cell are going like hotcakes here in the us and everwhere else I belive, when I first started looking at the cells on the (HYBRIDAUTOCENTER. Electric Car Conversion, Electric Car Dealer, Electric Car Distributor or Manufacturer, Electric Car Parts, Electric Car Repair or Customization Subforums: Chevy Bolt (0), Chevy Volt (0), Nissan Leaf (0), Renault Zoe (0), Tesla Model 3 (1), Tesla Model S/X (0), Other electric cars and trucks (1114) Re: Swift Dzire EV - Systematic conversion to an electric car! Huge congratulations Stuntfreak and your team behind this - This is probably the best EV Conversion I've come across in India, period! You folks truly have the potential to become the "EV West" of India and beyond I don't know anything about this company but I came across this product and thought it was pretty neat. Please read the Rules Of Conduct below and let us create a great forum community together. EV conversion to Lux by Jon Green on 09/18/04 at 18:23:01 I need to find a formula to convert light measurement from EV to Lux. The advantages are many: Total weight of 180 Ah pack ~ 200 Lbs VS ~720 Lbs for 228 Ah @ 5 hours Peukert Coefficient of ~1. what matters most is where the batteries go, how many batteries can you fit, and how much do you have to beef up the suspension for the added weight of the batteries. Welcome to the Chevy Spark EV forum. Surely it won't be long before instead of Polish LPG conversion garages we have east European EV conversion garages instead. Share your opinion and gain insight from other stock traders and investors. DIY vs. Discuss evolving technology, new entrants, charging infrastructure, government policy, and the ins and outs of EV ownership right here. The guy who did my conversion is a RV awning specialist and he said these manual to power conversions are his main work. It features a really powerful 1000W brushless motor which can take you from 0 to 28 mph in just under 7 seconds. It fits and works. Whether you're new to electric bikes and need help with general direction, have already narrowed down to a few options and are weighing the pro's and con's or are an expert that's scrutinizing between model years this space is designed to help you choose the best ebike for your lifestyle and budget. This is a lot of wiring when you are 100% rewiring the whole bike!. In the Electric Car Repairs, Parts & Maintenance (EV) Forum, you will find General Automotive Discussions, Repairs & Maintenance, Electric Motors, EV Controllers, Batteries & Charging, Conversion Builds & More. The controller is an important part of the electric car conversion. Plus a several harnesses done, and one main one to go: AW front wheel conversion kit is the best electric bike conversion kit that offers more than its pay grade. You can choose between 48, 60 and 72-volt brushless EV classic cars make sense. com (Internet) The Golf Cart Forum for the Cart Enthusiast Hi Everyone, I'm from Australia (Geelong Victoria), I have owned my MG-F since new in 1999, back in 2015 the motor died and I decided instead of sending it to scrap yard or selling with a blown motor I would try to convert to 100% electric, lucky I found a local group of EV enthusiasts who helped me with advise and help, I did not have any engineering or electrical background before diving Electric cars are catching on. INSANE Right! The AW e-bike conversion kit features a 26-inch wheel with tire, along with that the kit includes: Answer 1 of 4: I am traveling from the US. Before commercially-available EVs were common, though, the electric car was largely the domain of the do-it-yourself converter. Just imagine, a electric BMW M5. Cut the gun and helmet off a lead stormtrooper and then removed the head and carved the spear away from a Wicket miniature. I've found two companies in Montreal that provide electric conversions of radiant heaters, I hope it's ok to use company names. I did look into installing a furnace, but my condo board is unenthusiastic for me to bring in a gas line. It is not intended to discuss either EV appropriateness or comparisons with other transportation primary drive modes such as the venerable internal combustion engine. Not sure how much interest there is in DIY conversions on this forum but I thought It's worth asking the question. The Spark EV is an all-electric version of the subcompact Chevy Spark. Ebike Conversion Kit 36V 500W, 26” Front Wheel Electric Motorbike Bicycle Kit Power Hub Motor, w/Intelligent Controller and PAS System for Touring, Commuter and Mountain Bikes 3. Their three-day workshops at their California facility include classroom instruction, hands-on experience and more. First established in 2014, Ebikeling originally offered just a few ebike conversion kit options. it produces max power of 70 hp at 3000rpm and max torque of 222 N-m at 1750-2000rpm. Electric vehicle conversion firm Lunaz has turned its attention to the classic Range Rover, which receives its proprietary battery powerplant as part of the firm’s first 4x4 restomod offering. I see some The conversion kit is the electric motor, battery and gearbox from the VW e-Up! It puts out 81bhp, accelerates to 50mph in 8 secs and has a top speed of 93mph The claimed range is 124 miles and it Twist 40 Conversion; new to electric conversions; Aeroworks Edge 540T . On board components include, Manzanita 30 Amp Charger, Hairball Interface, Warp Nine DC motor. hi, my name is karthik. do a search for EV conversions on Google and you'll have more luck. Post by himesrun » Thu Jan 30 I have a Singer 27 Treadle and was wondering if anyone has converted to electric. , w/Regen! 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 144V Complete Electric Car Conversion Kit, EV Conversion, Boat Conv. I have a Briggs Powered Super Power as well. We offer industry standard EV Motors, Controllers, Batteries and Chargers, as well as DIY components. Video Conversion. The only real problem is the FLA batteries. This is a classic sports car professionally designed and built by 2 members of SEVA, Boeing Electronics Techs. A new 2014 Polaris Ranger EV has been delivered to Voltronix USA in Spokane, Wash. Oh, and they love helping people build interesting contraptions. 700 Electric Conversions Align T-REX 700 Electric Conversions: Page 1 of 16: 1: 2: 3: 4: 11 > Last »: Threads in Forum: 700 Electric Conversions: Forum Tools Chevy Bolt EV Forum Since 2015 We’re the Largest Chevy Bolt EV Online Community and Owner's Club. One eV is thus e-x 1V = (1. Adding in oil, maintenance, tune ups etc, add $1. A forum community dedicated to Jeep Renegade owners and enthusiasts. 7 x 10^-9 m Energy of photon = 6. Hoss 4X4. EV West has unveiled its new Tesla crate motor mount kit to drop into V8 muscle cars in electric conversion projects. com Forum Victoria and Area EV Conversions. Wiring station: Fuse box and LED flasher wired in. Electric Conversions. Now we help to increase EV adoption through education, advocacy, meetings, events and partnerships. COM) he had three 24 cell moduels and plenty of all the other bacthes that he sells but now he can't stock up ahead any more. Post May 23, 2019 #7 2019-05-23T14:33 Some details of our prior discussion (in 12/2018). Does the LEAF conversion use the old NiMH temperature sensors (mine show some corrosion, thus not sure if useable). Aspencore, one of the major media partners of electronica, was organizing the virtual Power Electronics Forum and the virtual Embedded Forum. Forums. Avistar to Electric Conversion; matt chapman cap 580 conversion; Hobby Lobby Decathlon ARF; 200 MPH 20000 rpm; Top It will take a revolution in battery technology to make a DIY motorcycle conversion practical. Sub-Forums Threads / Posts Last Post. Services. 7 nm converting to metres --> 256. RealFlight Swap Pages. Support Your #1 BritBike Forum! Check out British motorcycles for sale: . 95' 9c1 Caprice - DD - 250k Stock trans 94' 9c1 Caprice - RIP 2014 - 90k OG Miles 78’ El Camino - LS Swap - 5. 5L, E320, 300D, Outback 2. Buy. Everything about video conversion from AVI, DivX, XVID, FLV, ASF, MPG, MOV, RM, MP4, MKV, MP4, OGM, WMV,AVCHD, HDV, DV, MJPEG, Huffyuv, MPEG2, MTS Many people use these batteries for electric car conversions, the only problem will be securing them so they can withstand the jolts and forces of the bike being thrown around. I know most of you are probably not in favor of a conversion. Québec Plant Will Turn Green Hydrogen and Waste into Biofuel. This adapter allows for mounting the electric motor directly to the transmission. A forum community dedicated to DIY electric car owners and enthusiasts. Here are some online forums about electric conversions: Electric Vehicle Discussion List, DIY Electric Car Forums, EVWorld. A team at Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh has come up with an all-included kit to make your 2001-2005 Civic a zero-emission battery car . The labor will be up to you. Funny you should ask, I am planning a Corvair EV conversion now. 99 About Us Formed in 2006, Tesla Motors Club (TMC) was the first independent online Tesla community. Downside is that EVs are ultimately the best when designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. eBikesForum. Highline Fender/Flare Kit, HEMI TJ Conversions, and General TJ Tech. I casted my lot with them by ordering an adapter plate. Conversion electric diagram. Reworking a previous ICE vehicle to electric is a comprimise at best. Surely NOT cheap, but compare it to the cost of a new Polaris factory Li-I Ranger EV (~$25k) or a few cycles of FLA battery replacement at $2K each. sythetic/gas prop vs. max speed i am looking at is I recommend the brake fluid trick. One stop webstore sourcing and supplying parts for electric cars and conversions, electric vans, EVs, BEVs, boats, consultancy and anything electric vehicle - Forum. EV Conversions New Website on EV Conversion 4 months 3 weeks Thanks: 37 Wow! Looks awesome . Any thoughts? Designed for electric vehicles in the 3000 to 4800 pound range, this a true highway-capable EV kit with excellent performance! Unlike most kits on ebay that come with a small, 8-inch or 9-inch diameter motor, this kit includes a massive 10-inch motor for peak torque and maximum horsepower! VerticalScope Inc. While my initial plan was to use an A3 Jetta, I am sorely tempted to try with my 1990 124 300D. One, Ecorad, converts cast iron rads to electric. Porsche Engine Conversion Tech Forum - This forum is for owners combining the best of two worlds - Chevy motors in the cars, or VW chassis with The most capable off-road truck in its class meets the most innovative manufacturer in the aftermarket HI ALLEN,nice job on the leaf batterys conversion. The average cost to run per day is $5. The ForkenSwift's claim to fame is that it was done on a shoestring budget: it was on the road on October 11, 2007, legally registered and insured as an electric vehicle, for a net cost of $672 (Canadian dollars) including the car. #3 – EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits More than halfway across the country from Bafang, Ebikeling is located in Chicago, Illinois. The Zero EV Store has a wide range of Electric Car Parts, Conversion kits, Battery modules, Charging solutions for your EV Conversion or Electric Vechicle. 150 miles per charge wouldn't be too bad. 574:1. Dunno when I'll get a chance to paint it, but, it's assembled. Discussion about Cars Converted to Electric. Q2: What is EV used for? A2: EV (or more specifically, analysis of EV) is used as a performance measurement metric. DIY Plans to convert your gas riding mower to clean quiet electric power The manual contains over 70 numbered pictures, instruction manual, electrical and mechanical drawings to convert your gas lawn tractor to electric battery power, comes with 2 year free email support, for information click Details Some of the holes won't line up with the nitro chassis and most nitro e-conversions end up being mid motored because of the way the nitro trans works. I'm not sure how it will be configured for all wheel drive/4x4 variants, but if your stuck on the fence about buying either gas or electric Bronco or are unable to wait for an official version, you're in luck. Has anyone done an EV (electric vehicle) conversion for their 1970+ T-bird? I have a 1970 2-door Landau that has a 460 engine and C6 transmission that both need to be rebuilt. Blib Can somebody walk me through the process of how we arrived at 0. 2. com uses most of the OEM parts, and is designed to use the existing maintenance and repair infrastructures throughout the ICE truck and bus Service network. 5" Light Bar with green cover lenses, Kolpin ¼" Lexan Full Tilting Windshield, Rear bed mount Superwinch LT1500 Thunderhawk front mud shields & fender well protectors, Custom front and rear fender flares. Chevy Spark EV News from My Electric Car Forums : 1. Converting an existing car instead of buying a new one is good for the planet, and the old beater will have a new lease on life. I have never taken my hair dryer and hair straight iron before but need it for this trip to London. EV Conversions EV Conversions. It can be built in a single-car garage on jack stands, or even in a classroom — all you need is a small box of tools and a 6½-foot door, so it can drive out. A mid-drive system gives you two working modes; you can either switch between the pedal-assist or choose the throttle only mode which will provide you with a burst of speed. 602 x 10-19 C) x (1 J/C) = 1. You can choose between 48, 60 and 72-volt brushless With the help of one of EVA’s carefully planned conversion kits and a half a ton of deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries, I produced an electric car that could drive 50 or 60 miles per charge, or A electric classic car conversion, or any electric car conversion, can save you a lot of money. I was thinking of ditching both and replacing with an electric motor and battery packs. November 3, 2019 12:41 pm Offline. 99 $ 189 . i am planning to convert a 22 seater mini bus to electric. then get the 50HP motor and drill the 6 holes required to mount the The EV West Factory Five 818 Starter Kit is a grea Model : FFR 818 EV: Manufacturer : EV West: Weight : 250. EV4U Custom Conversions not only provides gas-to-electric conversion services and parts, but also exhaustive educational resources for home mechanics planning a conversion project. When the gas runs out, this will be the popular forum. This group is about helping each others during the van conversion process: build techniques, materials, products, lessons Are You Having Trouble Getting Around? Super Light, Quick/Easy Folding, Portable, Comfortable, Customizable, 50% Battery Saving User Customizable Width/Length/Height, 1-SECOND Folding/Unfolding, Inclinable Back Rest CFO Forum documents discussing European Embedded Value (“EEV”). Search for EV bugs and you will probably find a lot more info. I see some kits from ev west but they are for cars im not interested in, mostly vw and Porsche. Today it remains the largest and most dynamic community of Tesla enthusiasts. Their basic option includes a 144V battery EV Conversions RBW EV Classic Cars Electrifies The MGB Roadster, Yours From £90,000 Only 30 of these hand-assembled battery-powered MGBs will be made and you can secure one with a £5,000 deposit. Click YOUR EV menu to add or edit your own EV listings. The best-selling electric vehicle (EV) so far is the Nissan Leaf, which has sold more than 100,000 vehicles globally – about half of those in the U. News. elecric on electric conversion Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:51 pm Post subject: 66 bus EV conversion We are converting a 66 kombi to a short round trip all electric vehicle. Jonny Smith visited the electric vehicle conversion workshop of EV West in San Marco, California and spoke to Michael Bream about the amazing 'gas to electri MGF & MG TF Community Forums. But do you have to obtain a brand new electric bike when you can convert your existing bike by just spending a quarter of the amount you have to pay for a brand new e-bike?&nbsp;Electric bike conversion kits: best in 2021. EV Source provides electric vehicle (EV) components and parts for your energy storage applications. We do much at home to achieve some level of self sufficiency (solar PV, gardening, conservation, etc. By using these existing OEM parts and maintenance procedures, will allow DIYev. Click on this. My attempt so far : Wavelength = 256. I am still working on my conversion project since I am old and don't Hi, I finally got around to making an ewok with looted gear. I built a case a few years back that use the electric motor and pump off of a hyster the motor ran the hoist pump. The Switch defines a new class of auto — a lightweight, high-capacity, versatile electric vehicle (EV) that requires minimal resources to construct, assemble, and drive. Green Shed Conversions offers you a quality selection of electric car parts, DIY conversion kits, and one on one Tech Support for your Electric Vehicle or EV Conversion. I helped a buddy in Florida build his version of a 2014 YZ electric, but around the specs of the ALTA, so I was itching to build another electric also around the ALTA specs. There is a growing interest to convert some of the classic cars like a VW beetle, a VW baywindow bus or a Mercedes W124 e class to electric powertrains to keep alive these cars. Also, in 4lo, my engine RPMs are pretty darn high. And the Li-I conversion addresses that and a whole lot more. Last edited by Living2Drive : 23rd June 2020 at 12:45 . 00 MGF & MG TF Community Forums. EV Conversions. Forums. Click on a category above which best suits your electric bike question and share your ebike experiences with the group. and whatever you do you always end up changing weight balance of the car. Home Forums > Electric Driven Vehicle Owners Community > General > Riding lawn mower electric conversion Discussion in ' General ' started by Daox , Feb 27, 2009 . I like that they have a section dedicated to surveying EV owners on various topics. No need for great range on batteries. DIY Cargo Van Conversion Help | Campervan Builders Forum has 17,286 members. Both my son and I have worked on lots of Corvairs, but the EV will be our first also. org> is the leading forum for people involved with and interested in EVs. My car is still a long way off from being in sufficiently trouble-free to even think about the conversion. , 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada W124 300d EV conversion advice needed While this may lead to flamethrowers from all sides, I will be building an electric car in the next few months. i am a student and have taken a project. ev conversion forum